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I am a keen painter and work mostly in oils or acrylics on canvas. I did an Art Foundation BTEC where I dabbled in 3D design, fashion, graphics and then concentrated in fine art: painting where I gained a distinction in analytical drawing and a merit overall. I am available for commissions from £80.

I generally paint either cows or abtract art with themes of constrasts and the power of white. These stem from my art foundation work on collective memory of World War II and German art since. My final project and essay researched German artists that could not or cannot escape the war: almost all famous German artists (even those born after the events) have done some artwork associated with the collective memory of it (Anselm Kiefer and Jörg Immendorff). I explored this and how their art differs from those who experienced it (Otto Dix, Max Ernst, Felix Nussbaum and Max Beckmann) and those who were children during it (Joseph Beuys, Georg Baselitz and Sigmar Polke).

My abstract art now just deals with my emotions, I do not have a plan of what the painting will look like when I start, I just starting painting according to how I feel. I call these 'thought paintings'.

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