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Articles with the category: Recipes

Belgian/English stew

Thu, 17 Sep 2009 09:42PM

I invented a stew for this evenings meal, and it was delicious! I combined a classic Belgian stew (lots of beer) and Belgian style potatoes with Lancashire pork sausages and barley. Apt for a half Belgian/Brit! Serves two.

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Chocolate Coffee Cake

Wed, 02 Sep 2009 04:34PM

This is a truly indulgent chocolate coffee cake that doesn't last long!

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Risotto with asparagus wrapped in parma ham

Thu, 20 Aug 2009 10:52AM

This is a very easy meal to make and is quite impressive looking presentation-wise, so is excellent for when you have to cook for guests. The strong and salty flavour of the asparagus & parma ham go really well with the creaminess of the risotto. Serve with crusty bread and white wine.

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Moroccan Tagine

Sat, 08 Aug 2009 07:53PM

After watching the celebrity Masterchef  final where they went to Morocco, I decided to try out making their national dish, a Tagine. This recipe is a mixture from a few different sources and tastes divine. Takes about 20 minutes to prepare and an hour to cook.

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Pork wrapped in bacon with red wine onions

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 05:10PM

I've always loved cooking, but since Celebrity Masterchef I've really been pushing myself to make awesome dishes. Since I have the free time, I've been creating interesting recipes. Here is a recipe for pork fillet which Steven described as "the best pork I've had, even better than The Tower."

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