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Christmas Gift Wrapping

Sun, 27 Nov 2011 04:36PM

Category: Homemade arts & crafts

Written by Sarah | With 2 comments

I usually make my Christmas present wrapping paper themed, and this year's is very homemade and red. They look really nice and are very simple to do (and quite cheap if you have lots of arts & crafts material lying around).

My Christmas presents so far (I'm far too organised..)

A close-up of one of the presents.

For the very basic wrap you will need brown packaging wrapping paper and red ribbon. I then accessoried mine by adding Bakers twine (red and white string) with the red ribbon, and threading through a little wooden Christmas tree button. I added some red bobble-type things from Hobbycraft and stuck on some stencils of snowflakes using my snowflakes cutter. Finally, I stamped the person's name on the gift rather than using traditional tags.

The materials you will need (top left to bottom): bakers twine, snowflake stencil punch, red & white tags, red bobble decoration things and wooden buttons

My alphabet stamp set. I use the large ones for big presents, and the smaller stamps for small presents.


Your presentation looks amazing. I think it makes a huge difference to the receiver if they can see how much effort you have gone to just on the packaging alone! We should all be filled with excitment when presented a with a gift. I am trying to find the big alphabet stamps you have pictured where did you buy them please? Xx
Wed, 05 Feb 2014 04:52PM
I got my stamps in a shop called Paper Tiger. Can't seem to find the exact stamps online, but http://noolibird.com/products/type-writer-alphabet-wooden-mounted-stamp-set-capital-letters is a close match!
Thu, 06 Feb 2014 09:55PM

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