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Next steps with Webscavator

Sun, 31 Jul 2011 07:06PM

Category: Digital Forensics & Malware

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Webscavator has been mentioned in the SANS forensics blog! It is very exciting when you see yourself being mentioned in a blog you read regularly! I am hoping over the summer to get the following things done with Webscavator:

  • Get the Webscavator website hosted on a better server. I've finally got Google analytics working on the site, so I'll see what increase in traffic I get from mentions from around the web. I will probably add a Paypal donations page to help fund this.
  • Add a mailgroup for those interested in Webscavator updates.
  • Add a proper bug tracker. Not sure if GitHub has any decent bug tracking capabilities however?
  • Make an easy install and/or .exe installer for Windows
  • Start fixing bugs!

If anyone is interested in helping out with any of this please email me or leave a comment on this post! Not sure how much I'll get done with the 3 week extravaganza of a holiday climbing Kilimanjaro happening in less than 2 weeks time though! Busy times ahead..

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