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Mon, 25 Jul 2011 09:56PM

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Work has begun on making Webscavator more community open-source based, so the code has been put into github and the issues and bugs that need fixing will shortly go in there or some other free bug tracking tool. Also I will set up a mailing list for those who want updates. Since I haven't yet put Webscavator on my Google Analytic's panel (d'oh!) I have to make do with parsing out my Apache logs. Unfortunately because it's on a virtual machine all the IP addresses in the Apache logs are from the OS that is hosting the VM rather than from the requesters to the site (double d'oh!). Once I got rid of all the lines from bots and those not to the homepage, I came up with a 320 visitors to Webscavator since January 2011. Since I've not really been advertising it, I think that's a fair amount!

Interestingly, all the Google searches that resulted in the homepage, 100% were for the search "webscavator". This means people knew what they were looking for, and no one came for a web visualisation tool, for example. Apart from Google, the only other referrers where lowmanio.co.uk and my Twitter feed. I think some serious SEO time is necessary! A couple of (obvious) international Googles: 5 searches from Australian Google, one from Brittany and one from Hong Kong.

Astonishingly, I have had 57 downloads of Webscavator in the zip file format - 20 following the conference, with 10 downloads on the day of the conference.

Some pie charts (click to enlarge):

Breakdown of the different browsers used when viewing Webscavator's homepage

Breakdown of the different Operating Systems/Devices used when viewing Webscavator's homepage

Number of requests to the homepage. A massive spike can be seen when I presented my paper at the Cybercrime conference on the 27th June 2011.


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