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The Future of Encryption?

Tue, 19 Jan 2010 02:30PM

2 weeks ago I mentioned I was writing an essay on the Open Computer Forensics Architecture (OCFA). I gave up trying to get OCFA to work in the end as it was just a total pain. The documentation is awful, and the error messages it spews out are not useful. Steven spent a few hours looking at their source code to figure out why it kept segfaulting, but it wasn't worth it. I chose to do my essay on file encryption and full disk encryption (FDE) and the effect of these on digital forensics. You can read all 5000 words if you are interested.

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Doppelgangers at large?

Mon, 09 Nov 2009 07:44PM

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In today’s forensic science theory lectures we got taught that not only is DNA not unique, but there is an actual chance of two people having the same DNA profile. The lecturer first explained the birthday paradox, and then tried to explain it with DNA and got me terribly confused with what numbers go where in what equations. So I’ve read up on it and will now try and explain the birthday paradox and why there are potentially thousands of doppelgangers in the world.

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