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I love Derren Brown

Sun, 13 Sep 2009 12:30PM

I met Derren once at the Spiderman 2 premiere in 2004 where he signed my autograph book. He is the only celebrity who didn't just scribble a random scrawl on the paper, instead asked my name and wrote, "Dear Sarah, best wishes, Derren Brown X". He seemed genuinely touched by people screaming his name all over the place, but maybe his wonderful charm was all just an elaborate illusion. Maybe it's a blank piece of paper in my autograph book and I've been under his hypnotic spell ever since!

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Edinburgh Fringe: Ian Kendall's 18th Birthday Magic Show

Tue, 11 Aug 2009 10:21AM

Yesterday I went to another fringe act, this time a magic show. Ian Kendall has been doing the Fringe for 18 years now, so his show was aptly titled Ian Kendall's 18th Birthday Magic Show. During the hour he performed many magic tricks and told us a bit about his life as a magician. It was really amazing - I honestly don't know how he did most of the tricks! I realise they are all sleight of hand, but when a pack of cards turns into just one I wonder how on earth he managed to slip them in his opposite trouser pocket without anyone noticing!

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