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30 Seconds to Mars @ SECC, Glasgow

Sun, 28 Feb 2010 03:57PM

Wow. Never have I been to a gig where the band where so into interacting with the crowd. Maybe it's because the lead singer, Jared Leto is also a Hollywood actor and knows how to work people, but it was just incredible. A lot of bands don't seem bothered to go past "Hello <insert city>!" and maybe the odd "Having a good time?!" but 30STM took it to a whole new level. I saw Lostprophets last week, and whilst their random Welsh banter in between songs was funny, they weren't that interactive. How a band are live sometimes makes or breaks it for me - for example in 2004 I was so disappointed with Evanescence's lack of enthusiasm or crowd interaction I went off them for a bit, I certainly won't be seeing them again live.

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