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Top 10 usability crimes and text visualization

Tue, 15 Dec 2009 02:41PM

I found a really good article called the 10 usability crimes you really shouldn't commit and I have updated the website according to adhere to some of the principles - mainly making the website logo now a link to the home page and indicating the active form field for comments below. I didn't actually realise you could change the currently focused field in a form by adding in :focus. I disagree with the last point the article makes, about not justifying text because some people find it harder to read. I'm not dyslexic, but I personally find justified text much neater and easier to read than left-justified.

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Make your website iPhone friendly

Fri, 21 Aug 2009 01:50PM

I browse Google news and Reddit every morning on my iPod and many of the websites that link from them look very poor on the iPod/iPhone. It's really not hard to make a website look good on a small screen but unfortunately mobile web usability is often neglected.

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