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Programming Projects

Most of these scripts and code snippets can be found in my GitHub repository: https://github.com/lowmanio/Lowmanio-Code-Snippets

Malware Steganography Image

Malware Steganography example

12th April 2015

A Python script that builds upon the steganography script below, and hides AES encrypted text within a tiny favicon.


Malware Steganography


filetunnelling Image

Windows File Tunnelling example

25th March 2012

A Python script that demonstrates Windows file tunnelling, which maintains the creation date of a file if it is replaced or deleted and renamed within 15 seconds.


Unicode making malware easier


Unicode/malware Image

Unicode Left-to-Right-Override example

16th Oct 2011

A python script that produces an executable disguised as a JPG image file. The executable just displays some ASCII art.


Unicode making malware easier


Facebook chat Image

Windows 7 Recycle Bin forensics

12th May 2011

A simple script that produces a CSV file of all the user's Windows 7 recycle bin contents with deletion date and original location.


Windows 7 Recycle Bin Forensics


Facebook chat Image

Facebook Chat Forensics

3rd October 2010

A simple script that finds and collates all Facebook chat messages sent and recieved in Internet Explorer.


Facebook Chat Forensics


Steganography Image

Simple Steganography hider and revealer for PNG images

1st November 2009

The Wikipedia article on Steganography shows an image of trees with a hidden image of a cat. This script can reveal the cat from the trees, and also hide other PNGs within PNGs.


Image Steganography


postgreSQL image

PostgreSQL full text search and SQLAlchemy - Create a search for your website

16th August 2009

PostgreSQL's full text search indexes the columns you want to search on, automatically removes words like the & and and finds plurals, singulars etc from the word stem. This script shows how to use PostgreSQL's full text search with SQLAlchemy. An example of this is the search bar in the top right of this website.


PostgreSQL full text search and SQLAlchemy


Music image

Export music collection info to a database

6th August 2009

Assuming your music is organised by Windows Media Player in 'My Music' - this script adds artists, albums and songs to a database and creates an HTML page listing all your music. It finds album art, and attempts to normalize file names by stripping track numbers off them for example.



Captcha image


29th July 2009

Captcha.py is a script that generates a captcha image that can be used to stop simple spammers in web forms. captchamain.py shows a way of using the script with a Werkzeug & Mako implementation. The original captcha implementation is copyright to Robert McDermott. The original code can be found here.


Creating captchas in Python and Creating captchas in Python 2

captcha.py and captchamain.py

Tags image

Blog Tags

29th July 2009

A very simple script that shows a way of generating tag weightings for a blog, such as the one on the right.


Blog tags in Python